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Posted By: GUEST,Wilfred's Mum
24-Jun-09 - 09:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
His dear, deceased father and I did everything we could to make Wilfred a success and a manly man. It is not our fault that he has turned out the way he has. We gave him every advantage. We instructed him at every turn at what he needed to do differently, calling his attention to every wrong move and imperfection, providing structure and corrective discipline to nudge him along the right path to success.

it breaks my heart to acknowledge that he is a complete failure as a man, but it is absolutely through no fault of my own.

The sacrifices we made for that boy! And is he grateful? Does he appreciate one iota of it?

Absolutely not! He remains a snivelling, weak, limp dick whiner who blames his character defects on everyone else, especially me, his ever sacrificing mother.

I sometimes wonder if he got switched with another baby in the hospital nursery. In fact, I think it likely. It is simply implausibe that any biological son of the General and me could have been such a loser.