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Posted By: GUEST,Winston Wellington-Jones
24-Jun-09 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
So, "Bollocksworthy"....I see they've let you out of the padded cell again? Or did you escape custody? Are the men in white coats in hot pursuit even as I write this? I do hope you're enjoying those few heady hours of freedom amongst the hoi polloi, and having fun ferreting out the "lizard men" among us. Ha! Ha! Ha! I must tell you that I and my mates gather at the Vicar's Inn every Friday night (as you probably know) and that everything stops SHARP at 2 AM when your silly "news" show comes on the Cable telly. We all sit, watch it, get drunk, and laugh ourselves into virtual insensibility! ;-D You are the funniest damn thing on late night TV. Do you know that, Hector? Last week Ponsonby actually fell off his chair and started hyperventilating after a fit of laughing over your latest feverish editorial presentation. By heaven, I thought we'd lost him! Fortunately he recovered his equilibrium after having some ice water poured over his head and being walked around outside in the fresh night air.

Hector Bollocksworthy, you are a dangerous man. You make people laugh too hard. You make them laugh so hard that they rupture themselves, suffer heart seizures, and require immediate medical assistance. It is not the lizard men who will destroy our genetic material, Bollocksworthy, it is you. You are a menace to society. If you weren't so damned funny, I'd talk to my good friends in military intelligence, and I'd have you sent to Guantanamo...but I don't. I like a good laugh on Friday nights. It quickens the blood.

Don't disappoint me next friday, Hector. I am on tenterhooks awaiting your next world-saving "revelation"....