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Posted By: Piers Plowman
25-Jun-09 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: Worn down fingernail frustration!
Subject: RE: Worn down fingernail frustration!
For what it's worth, I always cut my nails short on both hands and pick with my fingertips (of course, there is some contact with the nail). I only have a classical guitar at present, so this works fine, but I couldn't pick a steel-string or an electric guitar with my fingernails. I occasionally use a flatpick and even more occasionally fingerpicks. I like flatpicking and I figure it's good to use it once in a while and also to get used to the fingerpicks, just in case I have the opportunity play a different kind of guitar.

I used to use clear nail polish but I don't think playing with nails is worth the bother. I far prefer just cutting my nails. Even if I could afford to buy more guitars (which I certainly would), I would probably mostly play the classical guitar, anyway.

Fingerpicks take some getting used to, but it's not _that_ hard. I used to have a problem with dropping the flatpick into the guitar, but I seem to have overcome it.