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Posted By: GUEST,HipflaskAndy
25-Jun-09 - 11:46 AM
Thread Name: Worn down fingernail frustration!
Subject: RE: Worn down fingernail frustration!
I too have been having acrylic 'overlays' for some 6 years now - professionally done in a proper salon.
The following may contain some repetition of what's above here - but may also have some extra info....
They're not 'falsies' in the sense of some artificial pre-formed shape being 'glued on' - the base is formed by mixing acrylic powder with the correct solvent - it forms a pliable goo that is painted into place using a small brush - it then hardens to a VERY hard finish, which is then shaped using a strong emery board.
An anti fungal liquid is applied to the nails (cleaned by alcohol, I believe) afore the process begins.
The application grows out along with your natural nail growth - quicker if you are taking any zinc medicaments (I take a multivitamin plus zinc every day!).
The result is that a gap appears at the top end of your nails and these gaps need 'in-filling' every so often (every 3 to 4 weeks in my case).
Every third or so 'treatment', I get the whole lot 'soaked off' for fresh start.
The fact that the acrylic is 'clear' means that if one should get any 'green' formation under the nail, it's pretty obvious and can be dealt with straight away.
The only problems occur when one leaves any such signs in place for days - which does happen (usually) to ladies - as they, more often, put some non-see through nail colour on, masking therefore, what may occur underneath.
This 'greenness' is usually due to water ingress under any slight 'lifting' or damage the overlay receives - just like water going green if left in a vase or glass too long!
Therefore, the wearing of Marigolds for household chores does become a neccessity!
Having them removed for one's hols or whatever - yep - I also reccommend (as others above) you do give your own nails a breather once in a while.
I also carry a small repair kit - for those unfortunate last second glitches at gigs, by the way.
For me, 5 or 6 years of extensive gigging, rehearsals and practice - and no trouble at all.
M' pal Ali Hulett also swears by acrylics for his professional guitarin' - and yon Mr V Garbutt (after a long discussion at Otley FC wi me, one night) is also looking down this route - tho' he ca't quite bring himself to brave the Nail Bar yet! (Go on lad! Man or mouse!)
So do give it a go - it works!
As he'd say - All th' very best!
Cheers! - Duncan McFarlane