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Posted By: GUEST,Ron Smith
26-Jun-09 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
Try to Search Jewel Boesel and accept for her 1983 Autoharp win there is little else. The autoharp she designed was made by Rytym Band in Korea as a professional instrument.Screened logo rather then label. Spruce top .Frame made with W German maple..Has binding around top .Extra large sound hole with deluxe bracing .Harp came with four chord bars each in two keys already made up with quick action and set close to the strings. The 8 position chord bars could easily be changed by releasing the two quick release rods .This was so you could play in any popular key while having more realestate on the harp and only eight fingure positions. Very innovative. I believe this is the only professional grade harp Rythym band made.Also they were supposed to have additional chord bars you could buy to set up your own chord set.Came in a deluxe leather fleece lined case with picks and tuner which held the harp and 4 chord bars weighing in at 27 pounds and 4 feet long. It would be nice if Jewel could weigh in as no one seems to have any info and these harps arent that old only about 25 years.