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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
26-Jun-09 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: What is 'feral folk music'?
Subject: RE: What is 'feral folk music'?
i) One thing I thinks gotta make feral properly feral - and that's trespassing? I do it on principle wherever I camp.

Absolutely; it also just happens, in it's own immediacy. It is not art, nor is it organised, it works on the principle that we are free to play where we like, when we like, without seeking permission to do so. We live in world where spontaneous creativity is strangled by so much red-tape and the petty guidelines of risk assessments, Health & Safety, etc. etc.   

ii) Raves have to be the ultimate in feral folk music, no?

An aspect of it anyway certainly, though my personal concern is with that level of behavioural compliance which I've always found pretty alienating to be honest; likewise the contributing noise levels, which I can't take on account of my hearing anyway. Either way, we take it where we find it.

The innate conservatism of Folk seems to exist regardless of the radical politics to which it invariably subscribes. Once or twice on Mudcat I've asked for a track only to be roundly censured for such criminal soliciting and told to go and buy the CD; even archive tracks from VOTP and The Kennedy Archive. And will I ever track down a copy of the original BBC version of Anthems in Eden reportedly wilder than the album version recorded the following year? These things interest me - bootlegs, sessions, all of which are invariably of greater musical value than the Official Product so beloved of folkies... mutter mutter...