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02-Jul-09 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Now She's Gone (from Jim Kweskin)
Subject: ADD: Farewell He
"Lonesome Scenes of Winter" is Laws H12.

The Catnach version below lacks the "If He's Gone Let Him Go" chorus, which developed later. But you'll recognize the rest of the song readily enough. I've supplied a bit of punctuation.    Bob

J. Catnach, printer, London, c. 1813-1838, Bedleian Library, Ballads Catalogue, Harding B11(2298). Variant phrases given for a Liverpool version, Harding B 28(162).

It's fare you well cold winter, and fare you well cold frost,
Nothing I've gained, but my true love I've lost,
I will sing and be merry while a caution I do see    [while occasion I do see]
And I will rest me when I'm weary, let him go, farewell he.

Last night he brought me a fine diamond ring,
And thought to have deprived me of a far better thing, [He thought he would deprive me]
But he was not so skillful as a lover might be,
I defy the lad for ever, let him go, farewell he.

He has another sweetheart, but that is all a joke,
But if he had twenty, he would not me provoke,   [He thought in his heart he would me]
And if he likes another, 'tis as they can agree,
And I have the choice of twenty, let him go, farewell he.

As I was walking down by a shady green grove,   [As we were walking]
He met me with a smiling face, and gave to me the road,
He thought I would have spoke to him as I passed by,    [I would speak]
But before I would humble to him I will lay down and die.

To half a pound of reason take half a grain of sense,
A small sprig of time [One sprig of thyme] and as much prudence,
And mix them up together as you may plainly see,
(I) defy the lad forever, let him go, farewell he.

NOTE: In the last verse line 2, some American versions have "impudence" rather than "prudence."

Jean Redpath has recorded a version of this.