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Posted By: Micca
02-Jul-09 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why read an electronic book/Kindle?
Subject: RE: BS: Why read an electronic book/Kindle?
Well, I would notbe without mine!! on a standard SD or Memory stick you can hold a complete library! as well as the built in memory,I Too love real books and have a large and extensive collection but having said that. The principle advantage to me of the eBook ( I have a Sony)is that in something the size of a DVD case I have currently (downloaded free from Project Gutenberg)
6 complete Rudyard Kipling books
The complete Para Handy stories 3 Books
The complete Richard Hannay adventures John Buchan
an assortmrnt of novels and newly published works bought off line for about 1/2 the price of the "paper" edition
total 43 books
The Manufacturers complete handbook for both my still cameras
the complete handbook for my video camera
all in PDF format so are complete with black and white diagrams
The text can be enlatged (within certain limits) at the touch of a button!!
It has a built in bookmarker that marks you page
Is well indexed by Title or Author
and is perfect for travel, ahich, is on London transport at the moment, so it is easy to carry, read and a library with a choice of what I want available when I want it!!
Yeah I love it and would reccommend it

Oh By the way it has my complete book of Words of the songs I sing or would like to sing also