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Posted By: Artful Codger
02-Jul-09 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Little Boy Billie / Little Billee
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Little Boy Billie
Search for "Little Boy Billee" (note the final two E's) for fuller discussion on this song, as in the thread Malcolm linked above.

The song has been in the oral tradition pretty much since Thackeray wrote it. For many years, those who sang it were blissfully unaware of its original author, and the song mutated accordingly. Roberts mostly sang songs as he learned them, and this one is unlikely to be an exception.

If you're going for comic effect consider this couplet from Thackeray (placed after "chemie"), which Roberts does not sing:
   When Bill he heard this information,
   He used his pocket-handkerchie.

Which I sing as:
   When Bill received this information, (2x)
   He wet his p...ocket-handkerchie,
   He wet his pocket-handkerchie[f-f-f].
[leading into "First let me say"; emoted as fearful sobbing]

Also this couplet from Thackeray (after "mother taught to me"):
   Make haste! make haste!" says guzzling Jimmy,
   While Jack pulled out his [long] snickersnee.
[Pause before "snickersnee", for smutty minds to do their work.]