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Posted By: Jack Campin
02-Jul-09 - 06:19 PM
Thread Name: Twitter for session info?
Subject: RE: Twitter for session info?
The session seeker would have t0 know the Twitter I D of EVERYBODY who might be at the session !

No - it's just to announce when it's happening. You only need to know the ID of the person doing the announcements (me, in this instance).

The good thing about Twitter is that you can know how timely the information is. There are far too many session calendars out there listing events that have stopped or moved. It's like the difference between a Yellow Pages listing and chalk on the pavement.

I looked in to the bluegrass session I was announcing for tonight - the place was so crowded I couldn't have got a spot to play in, even if I'd been carrying a sensible instrument (the idea of bluegrass oud is too off-the-wall even for me, and oud is what I'd just been playing elsewhere).