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Posted By: Zhenya
02-Jul-09 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why read an electronic book/Kindle?
Subject: RE: BS: Why read an electronic book/Kindle?
You CAN make notes in your Kindle books! You have to use the Kindle keyboard, so it's not as easy as just writing something in a book, but you can do it. You can also very easily highlight text (I use this all the time to bookmark, so I can indicate the exact line of text to start at next) and you can bookmark pages as well. There's a menu item you can use later to find all your notes and highlights and such.

Robomatic is absolutely correct that the Kindle edition of the NY Times doesn't currently include the crossword puzzle, although I hear there are plans to make it available on down the road. There are also no classified listings or ads. (That can be both good and bad, depending on what you're looking for.) Although I enjoy the Times crossword puzzles, I'm too busy during the week to get to them at all, and only have time once or twice a month for the Sunday puzzles, so for me personally, this wasn't a problem. As I said above, I still will sometimes buy the Sunday paper, partly because I do enjoy the feeling of reading the paper version. For me, that will be enough to satisfy my sporadic puzzling needs. But for Sundays when I'm super busy and not home much, I'd just as soon save the money and just use the Kindle version. By the way, it' possible to get individual copies without a subscription, and the Sunday edition is only 75 cents.

I also need to emphasize again - I still love my paper books as well! I'm not getting rid of them, and I still enjoy the feeling of browsing through a book store. These things coexist fine for me. Just like my iPod, my CD player, and my record player for my LPs.

I'll end with a quote from David Pogue's NY Times (online only) article today about the Kindle Dx:
"From a reviewer's perspective, the Amazon Kindle is one of the weirdest, most polarizing gadgets ever to come down the pike. I mean, people who love it, love it. People who don't get it, *really* don't get it."