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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
04-Jul-09 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Pronunciation of Gaelic/Norn in 'King Orfeo'
Subject: RE: Pronunciation of Gaelic/Norn in 'King Orfeo'
Thanks for that, Jim - several of those verses feature in the version recorded by Archie Fisher so maybe they're not so extraneous after all!

As a for the Gabber Reel, did I hear once that this had something to do with blacksmiths?


Anyway, thanks for the kindly words, Lighter.

Another version we recorded back in 2003 is replete with saga brass, faux xhoomi, & looping psychedelic ambience in direct homage to the Archie Fisher version. It concludes with an unedited field recording made in the stable of Howick Hall in Northumberland when I was after the original Victorian bells of the stable clock. No sooner had the chimes started than a rather snooty young girl came riding into the stable yard on her whinnying gelding, took one look at me standing there with my microphone and hurriedly rode off through the stable door slamming it behind her with deafening finality. As suitable a conclusion to any rendering King Orfeo as any I would think!

Just uploaded this HERE

The image is called Scowan Urla Grun; this is a printing block I made back in 1990 to my own design inspired by the imagery of the chorus & certain traditional themes. See it full size HERE.