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Posted By: Art Thieme
04-Jul-09 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: Ever seen Elvis live?
Subject: RE: Ever seen Elvis live?

I respect your feelings. Really. Your posts here at Mudcat are always thoughtful and enlightening.------- The things I said about E.P. were true for me right from the beginning. It was hard to ignore his phenomenon, like it is impossible to ignore Michael Jackson or the popularity of soccer or curling. Nothing about Elvis, or anything that he did musically, ever clicked with me in any way. Lurking here at Mudcat are many folk folks who possibly do agree with me. Inexplicably, there are others who liked him as well.

I'm reminded about how shocked we were when, after Watergate and the presidential resignation, old Richard Nixon was not only coming out and making speeches, but crowds of people were coming out to hear him. ----- We, then, took note of the fact that: Even a dead whale on a flatcar draws crowds!

All the best,