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Posted By: jeddy
05-Jul-09 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: Is Folk Music Sexy?
Subject: RE: Is Folk Music Sexy?
we do seem to like either singing about sex or murder, if we can combine the two so much the better.
i think we should follow their example on the sex front, but back in the olden days you didn't have to worry about being interupted by dog walkers and ramblers!!!
or school trips! wow that would be embarasing.

quite a few non folkie friends get ratherembarrased when you talk about sex or listen to songs about it, even    rory mcloeds when mummy and daddy made me, made our parents squirm even though it is beautiful and very loving.

what is there to be embarrased about? except if you are silly enough to be noisy at festivals!!!!

take care all
if in doubt out a sock in it!! LOL

jade x x