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Posted By: GUEST
06-Jul-09 - 12:27 AM
Thread Name: Twitter for session info?
Subject: RE: Twitter for session info?

While this is not exactly what you were looking for, it sounds like our regionalised RSS feeds will do what you want.

Here's one for your area. Plain, simple, text only.

There's more detail on how to get at these RSS feeds on

One common use is for folks to embed listings on their own web site. Even though you already list the nearby jams on your personal page, the one thing you probably don't do is keep the next date of each session up to date. The RSS feed will do that. Here is an example from where they got of the business of keeping the jams on their site up to date by using this service (free) from

On the maps being very central to the design about a year ago my position was the same as yours and I designed the map out of the site's front page. Reviews with a smattering of regular and irregular users of the site on that change were very negative - Our "market research" (loosely applied term) said that the prominent map was a critical feature of the site.

So what browser do you use?