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07-Jul-09 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
She is not comely, formed or fair,
The lass who runs that table, there,
But homely, stout, and rough of skin
From hauling her own products in.
Her table is not often blessed
With custom, as are all the rest,
Perhaps because her skin is dun,
The public seems her wares to shun!
Or might it be the products there,
Suggested to her by Rapaire,
Are rank and foul, like slops and dung,
Strange fare to sell, for one so young.
And selling dung, and showing slops,
Seems more a show to bring the cops
Than clients to a maiden's stall!
P'raps Rapaire's repute will fall!
He's not so clever, now, I think,
For having fostered such a stink!
ANd when yon sun climbs high and warm,
And ugly flies begin to swarm,
The folks incline toward intervention,
At the display of his invention,
And while the lass's fortunes fail,
They ride Rapaire out on a rail.
Tarred up in pitch, and with a crown,
Made of the finest chicken-down.
Alas, the fate! The mind, so rare!
And now adieu to bold Rapaire!

(Translated from the Middle English original from the writings of Geoffry Saucer, Six Tales of Ordure Enorme
Middlesex Anthologies, Dunkirk, 1926