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Posted By: Peace
07-Jul-09 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Violence in sports.
Subject: RE: BS: Violence in sports.
I managed to play baseball and football as a young teenager. Never did get into a fight--mostly because if ya did the coach kicked you off the team. Period.

It's I think to do with the fact that kids are encouraged to get 'violent' in sports. Hell, shoe-string tackle a receiver and that just wasn't cause for a fight. Blindside a QB who still had the ball and that wasn't cause for a fight. The shit in kids' sport these days has become grim.

Hockey and football--by their natures--are hard-hitting contact sports. So's Tae Kwon Do. Lose your cool in the latter and usually there's someone around to get ya straight on the purpose of the martial art or martial arts in general.

As long as violence in sport is encouraged by people (parents, coaches, team mates, the public-at-large) it's gonna keep happening.

On occasion the courts send 'messages'. Sending don't mean nothin' Delivering means something. The purpose of most sports is to encourage team work or develop skills on a more personal level. I dislike remarks (that are heralded as great) such as "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser", etc. Bullshit. Much of life will entail failure on some level. Better learn to deal with it.