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Posted By: Donuel
08-Jul-09 - 04:28 PM
Thread Name: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
I am satisfied with the definition of fascist as any person or group that actively seeks to deny the first amendment rights to individuals, the nation or the world.

In 2004 I yelled that there was a fire in the theatre of our nation and my dear new neighbors did the following:

challened my right to vote twice resulting in my casting 2 provisional ballots

Filed 10 IRS forms 3949 alleging we had not filed taxes in 10 years resulting in many hours and dollars proving our innocence.

Called our house between 2 AM and 4:30 AM over 450 times resulting in having the police trace their nearly untracable numbers.

Filed 2 unsubstantiated charges of child abuse against my wife and I resulting in an appearance at a hearing 7 months after the allegations and families not allowing our children to play with thiers.

The sudden and complete disappearence of my website of 7 years resulting in a loss of my illustrated book of my poems and songs.

eggs thrown at the house, urination on the door, fire set in yard and profanities written on signs.

Their whispering campaign regarding my family was full throated and loud enough for me to hear from our windows.

I was physically detained by one neighbor insisting that if I did not condone his gay bashing group I would be considered an enemy of God. There was also a despicable incident with him regarding my 4 year old son.

There were other cowardly and juvenile acts committed against us but they have now seemed to have stopped as we slowly descend into an economic disaster.

Mind you most of these are people live a mile outside the beltway and two of them are from the internet, one of which posts here claiming that our experience is all a lie and that I am clinicly paranoid.

The first instinct is to shut up and lay low but then fascism begins to grow exponentially stronger as a result.

Congress shall make no law to deny free speech... but individuals and religious groups have the above techniques and many other ways to deny certain people from the Constitutional rights our ancestors fought to preserve.

If McCain had won the election I am certain that domestic religious terrorism would have been openly waged between American neighbors and not select individuals like physicians and politicians that we still see today.

So the last several years have proved to me that the fascist enemy to free speech is not an individual devilish dynastic dictator who wins an election by careful manipulation but is actually the poorly educated religiously motivated neighbors who feel powerfully emboldened whenever they seek to silence the dissenter of "thier real America" or celebrate the brutal torture techniques of the Third Reich. Today these same fascists welcome the detonation of a bin Laden bomb in the USA as the means to once again abbandon the Constitution and inflict total control on our citiaens with themselves in charge.

The damage to me and my family in the last five years is real, permanent and ongoing as is the financial rape of my country by a better educated brand of greedy zealots called investment bankers.

The bright side is that people like myself are now working for the goverment we deserve instead of settling for whatever is inflicted upon us.