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Posted By: Rapparee
11-Jul-09 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: British support for the confederacy?
Subject: RE: BS: British support for the confederacy?
So THAT'S where they learned the plans for the dory! A seductress working for a foreign government, a retired sea all makes sense now.

My wife and her friend Mary are quilters. A couple years ago they asked themselves, "Where did the North get cotton during the Civil War? Certainly not from Britain or India or Egypt."

To make a long road of research short (and they're still traveling it), there was a brisk trade between the North and South in cotton. Some was seized from blockade runners and some came from Matamoras in Mexico, but the percentage from the runners was tiny and the cotton from Mexico dried up after Vicksburg fell.

Basically, if you could get the cotton onto Northern soil no one asked "Where did it come from?" The administration in DC winked at it and it was sold in New York and elsewhere as it had been. The supply was somewhat diminished, but not as badly as it could have been.

The two of them want to get into the records at the museum in Lowell, Mass. All of the record books which could be found from the old mills are gathered there. The National Archives are another source.

(Yes, they are aware of the work done in the early 1960s which has until know been considered THE source. However, the author used invalid formulae for his calculations. And I trust my wife and her friend: both librarians, both lawyers, one a mathematician and the other ABD in American History.)