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Posted By: Phil Edwards
12-Jul-09 - 08:14 AM
Thread Name: Wind and the Rain (NOT Two Sisters)
Subject: Wind and the Rain (NOT Two Sisters)
As sung by Johnny Collins (RIP) on the album Free and Easy.

I asked on another thread about the chords played on this track. Listening to it again, I realised it's different from the various versions of the Wind and Rain/Two Sisters/Binnorie in the Digitrad, in that the girl's killer is her partner rather than her sister - it's like the Wind and Rain meets Hang├Ęd I shall be*.


'Twas early one morning in the month May
Oh the wind and the rain
Two lovers went walking on a hot summer's day
Crying in the dreadful wind and rain

Well he said, O my lady, will you marry me?
And my sweet wife you will always be

But she said, O no, that can never be
For you are much too poor for the support of me

So he spun her around and he stabbed her to the ground
Threw her in deep water where he knew she would drown

But she floated on down to the miller's mill-pond

And the miller fished her out with a long fishing-line

And he's made fiddle-pegs out of her long finger-bones

And he's made a fiddle-bow out of her long yellow hair

But the only tune that fiddle could play
Was Oh the wind and the rain
%he only tune that fiddle could play
Was Crying in the dreadful wind and rain.

Any more information on this version, or other variants of it?

*I found one comment on that thread rather poignant, particularly in the light of the recent loss of Johnny Collins -

Subject: RE: ADD: Hanged I shall be
From: Malcolm Douglas - PM
Date: 02 Nov 05 - 09:24 PM

Thank you, Pete. Very interesting to have specific references to go with the details given with the original broadside. Bruce Olson (sadly no longer with us) would have been very pleased. Do keep us up to date on anything else you find.

Could everyone else keep well, please?