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Posted By: Willie-O
30-Jul-00 - 10:18 AM
Thread Name: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
Subject: RE: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
Ya cash that cheque yet Rick? (Should be OK.)

The latest chapter in the rituals-of-breaking-in-a new guitar occurred this weekend. I wrote a song on the Lowden!

(Yes, I used washable felt-tip marker and will clean it off the back as soon as I get it typed up ;)= )

No, seriously. The free Stewart Park Festival has been going on in Perth all weekend. This is an outdoor affair in the daytime, then in the evening there are a bunch of shows in places around town so you can go club-hopping or dancing.

Fred Eaglesmith and Jenny and Dan Whitely were playing down at the Royal Canadian Legion--Jenny and Dan and their mom Mary are friends of mine, so I went over there. I don't hang out at Legions much but once in awhile I enjoy them. This was one of those times.

Anyway, the music was fine of course, the air was smoky, the beverage selection limited, and the sound had a lot of problems. Feedback and squeals and just plain bad acoustics. We were having a good time anyway. About 11:30 my neighbour Gary came in and said "Man I'm glad I got out of (another place downtown--a yuppie renovation bar). There's something good about a Legion, eh?"

There is, too. Best part was that the last guy that was supposed to play bailed so Fred and Jenny had to carry on to the end, just the two of them and the guitar sound was like it was tied onto a rope being dragged down a gravel road by a pickup truck. but IT WAS GREAT! Totally suited the scene and music.

Gary's remark struck me as a first line of something, and I got to thinking and singing to myself on the way home, so I went straight to the basement, got out the Lowden and the fingerpicks, and started scribbling (On paper, wearing fingerpicks. This is not one of the better examples of the calligraphic art you'll run across) and picking something out.

An hour later I had a couple of verses, a bridge or chorus , and a nice little alternating-bass & melody line. I haven't written a song in some time, and I really felt like this particular guitar suggested the tune and patterns to me in a way that made it a co-composer.

I don't tend to like songs very much the day after I write them, but I just added another verse, that's a good sign. I think this one's a keeper. It's a bouncy little paean to the aesthetic of authentic imperfection (You listening Peter T? That's the most profound thing I'll say all summer.) I'll post it later when I've got it down a bit more, or something...gotta go to work!

To Be Continued