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Posted By: Mick Pearce (MCP)
14-Jul-09 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: BBC Radio 4 features abc
Subject: RE: BBC Radio 4 features abc

Here's the first 2 bars of the Bone Alphabet using the abc 2.0 constructs and nested tuplets. I used default voice overlay for the 2 voices. abcm2ps (5.9.5) processes this fine. (I didn't bother to find out what the notes are on this staff, so I set it arbitrarily). It's not as elegant as the original, but it has all the information. (Again, I wouldn't choose to do this with abc, but it is possible. For one thing the actual abc looks inelegant; this is not easily human readable!).


%%abc-version 2.0
T:Bone Alphabet
C:Brian Fernyhough
K:C clef=none stafflines=7 middle=A
+sfz+Lb/+mf+g3/2b3/2 z/ +sfz+Le/+mf+g3/2b3/2 z/ +sfz+Lb/+mf+g3/2e3/2 z/ +sfz+Le/+mf+b3/2g3/2 z/&
(10:12:4+fff++>(+LD3/2F2A LD/(10:12:4F3/2A2 LD+>)++mp+F/ z4|
(3:2:2+ff+Lb2+mf+c(3:2:2+p+e2 +ff+Lb(3:2:2+mf+e2+p+c (3:2:2+ff+Lb2+mf+e&
(6:7:7+sfz+LD/+pp+c/c/ (4:3:4+sfz+LD/+pp+c/c/ +sfz+LD/(6:7:7+pp+c/c/ +sfz+LD/(4:3:4+pp+c/c/ +sfz+LD/+pp+c/ z||