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Posted By: Jack Campin
15-Jul-09 - 03:15 AM
Thread Name: BBC Radio 4 features abc
Subject: RE: BBC Radio 4 features abc
Mick, you are sick and twisted.

Coding Ferneyhough would be an exercise in frustration - just as he likes writing music that is literally impossible to perform in every detail, making the performer's variably-successful attempt to do it part of the show (see the end of Unity Capsule, where you would need several extra lungs to sound all the notes), he also doesn't think there ought to be any universal computer notation and delights in coming up with constructs nobody's ever thought of representing on paper before. As far as he's concerned, score writing is an art form and he's going to make sure it stays that way.

Have you seen John Cage's book "Notations"? - it's an anthology of wacky one-page examples of contemporary music scoring. Great fun.