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Posted By: Dave Hunt
16-Jul-09 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Green Ginger Morris Team
Subject: RE: Folklore: Green Ginger Morris Team

According to the group [Green Ginger Morris], morris dancing stems from
ancient pagan rituals which were held in the spring to ensure a prosperous
future for crops, livestock and local people.
Given the amount of scholarship available on morris, where do people get
these ridiculous notions. Have they never researched the origins of what they
do - is it wishful thinking or are they ideas which are perpetuated within a team ?.
There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of any pagan, pre-christian, ritual
aspects to morris. There is no need to make up spurious reasons for dancing something that originated no earlier that late 15th century

In the article it says they 'bash each other with sticks'! and that morris is a 'gentle excercise' They have not recruited a new member for 15 years - I wonder why??!!!

Dave (Ironmen and Severn Gilders - who definitely don't regard it as 'gentle excercise - and try not to bash each other!!)