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Posted By: GUEST,Rob McGregor
18-Jul-09 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: Bouzouki - What brand is best?
Subject: RE: Bouzouki - What brand is best?
I've got an oldish Musikalia zouk I got cheap (£100!!) cos it has a few knocks. Nothing much to look at but a nice sound. Obviously doesn't compete with a Fylde or £1500 hand made jobbie - but thats not what you're asking for is it? Solid top, plays nicely, quite a wide flat neck, list price around £299 but I think you could get one cheaper than that. Have you got a Hobgoblin store near you? They seem to give a damn. I got some paired strings but I'm gonna go back to octave at my next restring as paired seems to make it sound a bit flat and guitarish...after all it's a zouk.

I also recently bought a Greek Sakis "Irish" Zouk which i tune GDAE, octave strings, doesn't cause any problems and I got a LOT cheaper than the list price of around £600 as it had a repaired soundboard crack which spoils the appearance a bit, but doesn't hurt the sound that I can tell (again on a whim - I swear they have spies out who tell them I'm on my way, and then they just leave tempting deals lying always goes the same way:

Me: "Ooo. What's that?
Them: "Oh, that's an old Sakis Greek bouzouki we got in. It had a crack in the soundboard but we repaired it"
Me: Mmmm. Bowlback. That must be tricky
Them: Well, it takes some getting used to but you get the hang of it.
Me: Any good?
Them: I think so - here, have a go.
Me (plays for five minutes) God, that's a lovely sound. Shame I can't afford any new instruments. How much are you asking for it?.....)

I love it. Good luck with your search.