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Posted By: GUEST,Paul
19-Jul-09 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Green Ginger Morris Team
Subject: RE: Folklore: Green Ginger Morris Team
'As with Folk Song there ought to be a greater clarity with respect of Traditional as oppose to Revival. In this sense most (all?) of what is done in the name of Morris originates with the revival rather than the tradition of which it is a recreation.'

This is a whole new thread really. Sadly, the thing you think is 'traditional' is all too often a revival. The dancers from whom Sharp collected, often were only doing what they did because of some local event where it had been thought appropriate to include dances from 'the olden time'. It can be argued in many cases that the 'revival' is really the 'tradition'.
Both are, on the whole very unhelpful terms and rarely offer any clarification.

My family were all singers going back several generations. They all had their own songs and 'party pieces' and, as a result, didn't pass these on to the next generation who had to find their own songs to contribute to family events. Result is that the 'tradition' in my family is 'singing' not the 'songs' – because of the 'trad' versus 'revival' terminology it took me most of my life to realise this and that's despite being related to Harry Cox!