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21-Jul-09 - 03:21 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Flight 641 (Lawrence Hammond)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Flight 641: 'Take this plane to Heaven...
I saw this man perform @UCSD in about spring of 1976, solo, never having heard of him before. One song called "Little Britches Rodeo" really stood out for storytelling. I bought his LP. The following day I noticed him sitting with a woman in a cafe and approached him to say I had enjoyed his performance. He was kind enough to invite me to join them for a beer. He seemed disinclined to talk much about music and most of the discussion, as I remember it, was about the health situation in East Africa. He and the lady spoke in Spanish together (his wife maybe?) and I believe she was a medical professional who travelled in an international role. LH did write out the chords to the rodeo song for me before I left but it seems it was never recorded, and I can't remember the melody.Does anyone know this song? It whould rank right up with the best coyboy ballads.

On the "Coyote's Dream" record it sounds like "The Legend of the Pale-eyed companion" is in the key of B, but when I watched him play it I am pretty sure he played it in C. Working out the middle bridge from the record on the piano, the chords would be: Em--Fmajor7--C--C#dimin--Dm-Bflat--Bflat--D7--G--then back to the verse in C. I am pretty sure this is right..His melodies and chord progressions were always adventurous. Does anyone know who put up the My Space webpage?