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Posted By: Royston
21-Jul-09 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
Little Hawk, at times your "confucius once say..." lines of rambling pseduo-reason can be incredibly tiresome.

The BNP leadership are violent white-supremacist terrorists. They love Hitler and they deny the holocaust. They seek power for its own sake and they will wade through the blood of innocents to achieve it. This is not my opinion, this is a reasoned assessment of them and their objectives based on their actual criminal convictions to date.

They have mixed up a half-true delusion of folk-history to justify their lunacy and to stir up the darkest and most craven instincts in their running-dogs.

They know nothing of their true history and heritage, and they care even less about it and the British people as a whole.

Their claim to be the sole upholders of folk-arts and tradition is just a cynical power-play that has no greater depth than their ability to illegally copy artist's performances and sell them on rip-off CD's from their 'white-power' websites. The music site is actually called "Blood and Honour".

That is why the people that actually work to preserve and perform our musical and artistic heritage are standing up to say "Not in my name" and to repudiate the siren call of these worthless would-be tyrants.

To stay quiet while ruminating on some pseudo-intellectual assessment of what common ground we might share with these dangerous idiots would be a gross dereliction of our obligations as decent human beings. You may be happy with that, thankfully there are plenty of folk who are not.