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Posted By: TheSnail
22-Jul-09 - 08:46 AM
Thread Name: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
There is no point in effing and blinding at the BNP nor in trying toe engage them in debate. Neither is going to change them in any way and they are delighted with the attention.

There are two groups of people we DO need to address, those who might be deceived by the BNP soft image that they are trying to promote, especially those within folk music, and the wider public who might fall into the trap of believing that folk music is associated with extreme right wing views. For instance, we could do without this sort of thing.

The first group are best served by exposing the truth about the BNP their racist criminal behaviour and there is plenty of that in the media and online.

To win over the second group, we need to stand up for traditional music and promote a positive image rather than feeling slightly embarrassed about it as earlier posters suggested. We also need to be vigilant about keeping the B^$!^£ds (Sorry, Joe) out of our traditions. As Fred McCormick said earlier "In other words, if you are a musician, dancer, organiser, or in any way connected with folk activities, and someone approaches you with an offer you can't refuse, check the small print very carefully."

It may not be true that their involvement is totally cynical. The one I encountered seemed genuinely interested in traditional song; he just saw it as part of his repulsive views.