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Posted By: The Sandman
22-Jul-09 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
From: Stringsinger - PM
Date: 18 Jul 09 - 12:34 PM

Nazisim came out of the ashes of economic deprivation in Germany in the 20's.
There is always a chance that a system of reaction will develop when times are hard.
People who are suffering want to blame someone so they form a political party.
Jews were scapegoats because it was convenient to do this.

The "man under the curtain" is corporate fascism which is slowly taking over certain
parts of the world. As long as corporate elites control the economies of the world,
they will bolster the rise of groups such as the BNP.

It's important to focus attention on the real culprits, the CEO's and the politicians who are greedy, the policies in governments which are controlled by the military industrial complex and the suppression of unions by ruthless business interests.

Here's where FAF should be concentrating their efforts.
Then maybe the KKK and the BNP will be seen for what they really are[end of quote]
this is a sensible post.