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22-Jul-09 - 05:20 PM
Thread Name: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
"You're right Jeddy. That's the reason for the mobilisation against the BNP"

Now Rifleman Royston is speaking as if his unit is heading out to Iraq for a four month tour of duty !

People people please stop and listen to yourselves. You are at most ten strong, few under 50, not exactly in the best of health and you talk about "fighting the enemy" lol. I would advise sticking to calling the BNP naughty names from the safety of your keypad.Better still, half of you aren't even in the UK !

By all means express your views, but come on, "mobilisation against the BNP". I am torn between Bilko or the Goon show to describe this twist in the thread.

Has anyone noticed this thread coming up on radar on one of these devilish sites the nasty BNP visit ?? I would find it unlikely. I suggest we all go back to watching Dad's Army reruns on BBC2 and disband Keith Michelle's "Captain Beaky and His band."

Right, anyone been to any decent folk sessions recently in the south east?