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Posted By: SINSULL
23-Jul-09 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: Anyone with time to run SkarpiFund? (Getaway)
Subject: RE: Anyone with time to run SkarpiFund? (Getaway)
Emma - your opinion is valid and you have made it. This last comment is snide, cruel and frankly I expect better of you.

Skarpi's friends want to see him at the Getaway. He planned to attend (with or without his wife, I don't know) and the worldwide financial disaster is preventing it. His presence and his music will be sorely missed if he does not attend.

If he is still able to go and his friends are ready to go his airfare, we will make it happen. If you choose not to participate, that is fine. Many can't and/or won't for a variety of reasons.

The Getaway provides scholarships for those who need them. Many take advantage of the scholarships and FSGW is glad that they do. There is no list of who is on scholarship that I know of and no shame or stigma in using one. It is not an award - it is money raised by attendees and donors to try to ensure that a shortage of money doesn't keep anyone away. The scholarships are awarded by the FSGW and have nothing to do with Mudcat, Mudcatters or "who you know".

You have made your opinion clear. Now allow us to move on with the fundraiser if Skarpi agrees.