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Posted By: robomatic
25-Jul-09 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Coffee addicts
Subject: RE: BS: Coffee addicts
Well, Anchorage is the most caffeinated State in the Union, someone did a survey of espresso bars and found our ratio exceeded Seattle's. There's a reason for it, many folks go the espresso route to counteract the lack of light in Winter.

I regard espresso and strong coffee as a necessity of life, my conscious brain don't work without its kick start in the morning.

Anchorage has very good coffee and high standards. It's not like we can grow the bean here, y'unnerstan' (although many folks are probably trying to under grow lights once used for something else green) but there's some fine roasters and blends and I've sent some of our finer coffee South to the needy. We tried to stall the advent of Starbuck's here, and kept 'em from being established for a time. Now that they're up here, they don't rule, there are probably fifty private establishements, from the chain of Kaladi shops, the big Cafe Del Mundo and its Italian ices, and many many stop 'n go huts which service the morning commutes.

Even on the North Slope, I remember the first automatic espresso machine and the little line that formed in front of it about 5 in the AM. Just knowing it was there made the sun come up in my heart.