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Thread Name: Deep and false water...
Subject: RE: Deep and false water...
Taken from 'Folksongs of Britain and Ireland' ed. Kennedy, collected from Mary Reynolds in 1954:


It was early one morning Willie Leonard arose
And straight to his comrades' bed-chamber he goes
Saying: Arise, royal comrades, and let nobody know
For it is a fine morning and a-bathing we'll go

They walked and they talked, till they came to a lane
And the first man they met there was the keeper of game
He advised them to turn back and not venture in
For there's deep and false waters on the lakes of Shallin

Young Willie stripped naked and he swam the lake round
He swam foreign islands but not for dry ground
Saying: Comrade, royal comrades, I am now getting weak
And these were the last words Willie Leonard did speak

It was early that morning his sister arose
And straight to her mother's bed-chamber she goes
Saying: Mother, dear mother, I had a sad draeam
That young Willie was floating on a watery main

It was early that morning his mother went there
With a-wringing her fingers and a-tearing her hair
Saying: Where was he drowned, was nobody there
That would venture their lfe for my one only boy?

It was early that evening his uncle went there
He rode round the lake like a man in despair
Saying: Where was he drowned or did he fall in?
My cursed life for ever on the lakes of Shallin

The day of the funeral it was a sad sight
Four-and-twenty young men and they all dressed in white
They bore him on their shoulders and to rest him did lay
Saying: Farewell to you, Willie, and they all walked away