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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
27-Jul-09 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Coffee addicts
Subject: RE: BS: Coffee addicts
Is Kenyan less acidic? No.
"Coffee aidity is the bright and dry taste that adds life to a coffee. Acidity is unmistakable in most Kenyan coffees and should be evident in any wet-processed coffees. Perceived acidity in coffee does not necessarily correlate to the pH of a coffee....."

In another article, "High-grown coffees, those grown at altitudes above 4000 feet, and coffees grown in mineral-rich volcanic soils tend to be more acidic...."
"Acidity can be modified by processing and roasting."
"Acidity is one of the four basic characteristics professional coffee tasters use to evaluate coffee. Body, flavor and aroma are the other three." these quotes from:
coffee basics

Disclaimer- This thread and an earlier one got me to reading a bit about coffee but I am no expert. "I know what I like," as the collector of black velvet paintings said.