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28-Jul-09 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Sea songs about Explorers
Subject: ADD: Octavius (Linda Kelly)
Octavius - The first ship to sail the Nothwest Passage (with a ghost crew) true story. Hissyfit wrote and recorded it.

(Linda Kelly)

Soft eerie light on the water
Silent, she moves with the ocean beneath her
Caverns of ice, rise above her
Slowly, the soft cloak of winter descends.

I am no match for you.

Moonlight has captured her beauty,
Pale silhouette in the blackness beyond her
Swanlike, in elegant motion,
One fleeting moment, and then she is gone

I am no match for you.

Forced by the passage of time and degree
Locked in an ocean of death, ice and sea
Statues of frozen flesh, blood withered bone
Death came to those who were so far from home.

Soft eerie light on the water
Square sailed, a breathless wind often becalmed her,
Floating her haunted path eastwards
Too late, her journey would not take her home.

I am no match for you

Caught in the grip of the ice-storm,
Life like some flickering candle that's over,
Slowly our breath fading from us
Caught with the dying words trapped n our minds.

I was no match for you

Steer us, beyond that which we've come to fear
Keep us in memory of those we hold dear.
Onward, Octavius drifts into night
Dwarfed by cathedrals of glistening ice.

Soft eerie light on the ocean
Gleaming the Arctic stars shine high above us
Onward our dead souls are drifting
Caught in a journey of time and degree.

I was no match for you.

Soft eerie light on the water
Thirteen long years that it took to discover
Crew frozen fast in an ice storm
Caught in a journey, of time and degree.

A true story of the ship Octavius, which in 1775 was discovered by

the packet 'Herald' drifting with its entire crew frozen dead.

The captain's log showed that it had been travelling for thirteen years

and had covered thousands of miles, sailing as it did, through the

North West Passage.