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Posted By: Ross Campbell
28-Jul-09 - 09:25 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Sea songs about Explorers
Subject: Lyr Add: Australian Rap (Des Bishop)
Throw your hands like this dont be afraid
Australian Rap       Des Bishop

I know your in the princess theatre but you might as well let it go
here we go
I might mess it up but who cares

Well before the Brtis before the convicts William Janz came from Holland in 1606
Saying yeah es torrez found the ways that were skinny between Queensland and Papua New Guinea
Give ME Give Me land Europeans scheming and dreaming
Tasman discovered land named after Van Diemen and also New Zealand in 1642
with the 17th century not even half way through
And 1770 things were changed forever Captain Cook had a look on board the Endeavor better late than never Phillip thought that Sydney was great 1788
NSW would be the state 26 of january was the actual date

751 convicts among the freight the colony grew slowly there among the rocks
Black fellas died in numbers exposed to small pox
William Bligh from Rebellion then Macquarie the people
said he favored the fallen over the free
Flinders wrote of a trip to Terra Australis So Australia is what they'd call all this \

Convicts got free for jobs because they chose not to rob
Pre settlers made Adelaide because they were snobs
Victoria the place to be in 54 there was problems with g-o-l-d
As the miners were looking for licences that were cheaper
Somebody got murdered in a hotel called Eureka now the future looked bleaker
The hotel went alight the matters lead to stockade the Southern Cross to flight
In the 1870s bushrangers were deadly the authorities and Ned Kelly
were not really friendly but outlaws in Australia get remembered as groovy
Who the hell is Redmond Barry Ned Kelly got a movie

Federation White Australia policies only Europeans
no more chinese please
Melbourne and Sydney thought the capital should be there
So they put the A.C.T in the middle of nowhere
Over there the 20 th century tragedy came to ozzies in Gallipoli as those Anzacs Came under attack and 8000 of those brave diggers never came back

Come on
dont be afraid to like give a little bit back yeah its your history
Edmund Barton was your first prime minister but you know that cause it was in a tv commercial

last verse here we go

You got the depression from America and that was crap
You sent them Farlap but they never sent him back
Then the bombing of Darwin from the Japanese
Fear of Commies under Robert Menzies
Populate or perish, procreate to survive
And Melbourne over 100, 000 Greeks arrive
Border ??? are fonder, white Australia's a goner
Harold Holt drowned, they built a swimming pool in his honour
The Vietnam and Conscription, Labor under Whitlam
Land rights for blacks back in the political system
For tourism promotion you sent the Yanks Paul Hogan
They come in droves expecting a land to be loaded with bogans
To many political backers, the Liberals speak about battlers
The media gets controlled by Rupert Murdock and Packer
??An increase?? in immigration, Hanson creates the one nation
Howard ignores years of the stolen generation
Kevin Mandarin Rudd has to stop the recession
The economies in a mess and going down the shi shao gen
But he said the thing that people find the hardest to say when he said sorry
on his very first day Yeah ! oh

This was posted by "Jay" in response to a request on a Yahoo site.