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Posted By: maeve
29-Jul-09 - 01:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Surge of the Sea (from Archie Fisher)
Subject: Lyr Add: SURGE OF THE SEA (MacVicar/Fisher)
In his album notes for the cd "Windward Away", Archie says, " My family translation of the Gaelic song An Altaireachd Ard, The High Surge, written in Canada by the exiled D. MacVicar. The 'woods of the west' were probably those of British Columbia and the 'traon of the field' is the rare and elusive bird of the Hebrides, the corn-crake.'"

Here's my transcription, maryannexed ; if I've made any errors, let me know so it can be corrected. I can check it with Archie if we're uncertain about anything I have down so far. I don't think he'd mind it being added to the DT but I'll make certain.

Surge of the Sea

Come listen with me to the ceaseless, thundering roar,
As the seas without change or pity crash to the shore.
Over the sand, the endless surge and the flow,
As once in my island childhood long, long ago.

For the woods of the west they hold no longing to stay.
My heart's in the little hollow down by the bay,
With folk who were good and kind in happier days
Both loving in thought and deed, at labor and play

Like the traon of the field those times and people have gone
The winds of the western ocean carry them on.
A flight of defenseless birds on the scattering breeze
Rose o'er the endless flow and surge of the sea.

For my age and my looks now speak of my shortness of days.
I will move from your side and seek the wandering ways.
When the cold sleep of death has wrapped its sheet around me,
Make my bed by that endless sound the surge of the sea.
More info: The song in Gaelic with a basic English translation