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Posted By: EBarnacle
29-Jul-09 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Portable air conditioners with no-drip
Subject: RE: BS: Portable air conditioners with no-drip
This is one of several applications currently available. Basically, the difference between dehumidifiers, air conditioners and AWGs [Atmospheric Water Generators] is in the piping. All can be set up to drain precipitated water either into a drain or a service line. Larger AWGs double as HVAC units.

There are several patents out there which address the ability to reinsert humidity into air leaving a building. These are truly dripless, as there is no accumulation of water.

If you get one of these units, consider that the water produced is effectively distilled water as long as you keep the system clean.

IF you do buy one of the units with continuous drainage, make sure the drain stays clear. If there is a level sensor, it will shut down the unit when the vat fills. If the sensor fails, it could get messy.