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30-Jul-09 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: Cartoons with a Music Theme
Subject: RE: Cartoons with a Music Theme
Make that THREE great banjo cartoons. One I have yellowing on my kitchen bulletin board from the cartoon "Bizzaro" shows two dogs peering around the edge of a door, looking at the banjo propped up against the wall.

One dog says "He calls it THE ENFORCER"
Second dog asks "Does he hit you with it?"
First dog "no, he plays it"

I LOVE that

The other Bizzaro musical cartoon on the bulletin board has a Plumbing van with shamrocks on the side careening down the street with the driver merrily singing "Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...."

For the record, I'm fond of a great deal of banjo music, but I'd rather have a plumber who doesn't sing Danny Boy. EVER.

Joanne in Cleveland