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Posted By: KenM
30-Jul-09 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: Apple Hollow Music Fest Quebec Canada '09
Subject: RE: Apple Hollow Music Fest Quebec Canada '09

I'm looking back on this thread and note that you started it on August 28, 2008 with an optimistic comment that now the work (fun) begins (for the 2009 festival. I dearly hope that we will see the same kind of optimistic posting later in August this year for the 2010 festival. 614 postings later, what can be said? The festival was incredible.......the artists magnificant, and the day was dialed up by God, whoever She is.

I know you have many chief among them, but managing all the interpersonal dynamics of putting this festival on, that requires you to have the skill sets of a therapist, a mediator,a salesman, a grant writer, a politician, and (at times) an authoritarian dictator can really stretch you.

In the past, I have run a number of marathons that took months and months of preparation and training and when I crossed that finish line on race day, I swore I would never do it again. But, once the pain receded and the memory of all those prepatory 20 mile training runs faded into memory, I found myself searching the marathon racing calendar to see where the next challenge might be. Keep the faith, partner.........