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Posted By: katlaughing
02-Aug-09 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: I've got 3 sorts of tits!
Subject: RE: BS: I've got 3 sorts of tits!
Only in American could we have something called the "Bushtit," I kid you not!

Check it out: clickety. Here's the info on it, from This Guy's Newsletter:

"Crowd" doesn't sound right for a gathering of birds
but it's the best one I can think of to describe a
bunch of foraging Bushtits. Nearly always Bushtits are
seen drifting across the landscape in hyperactive,
profoundly social groups of a dozen or more birds,
foraging for spiders and small insects. The word
"flock" is inadequate for evoking their nervous
energy. "Swarm" almost gets it but that word implies a
larger number. "Mob" implies a threat but there's
nothing threatening about these teeny, plain-looking
little birds so easily identified by their very long
tails and very short beaks. Even with such lengthy
tails the birds reach only 3½-inches long (9 cm), so
they're much smaller than a chickadee. As they fly
about orbiting one another they softly, plaintively
keep in touch calling a high, thin, fussing tsit-tsit-

Bushtits are the only North American member of their
family, the Long-tailed Tit Family, or Aegithalidae,
the other twelve members of the family being Eurasian.
Our Bushtits are also the only species in their genus

Bushtits are found in open woodlands, scrubby areas
and even suburban shrubbery, from Vancouver, British
Columbia south through much of the western US to