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Posted By: Steve Lane
04-Aug-09 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Chemical Worker's Song (Ron Angel)
Subject: RE: req/ADD: Chemical Worker's Song
For the record here is the extra 3rd verse written a couple of years ago by Ron Angel - that I recorded above.

I've worked in the compressors, learned to lip read with the rest
I cycled past the nitrite felt the prickle in me chest
I've toiled in the anhydrite got blistered down the mine
I'm showering well to shift the smell you get from Ollyfine

You can get my extra 2 verses about Phenol and Aromatics I wrote on my myspace. Don't want to confuse this thread with imposter material.

Notes: Ollyfine = olefine (a Wilton plant)

Per previous notes - you don't stand knee deep in cyanide as it tends to kill you immediately! The cyanide plant is a precurser to acrylics and is on the north of the Tees next to the imfamous Oil Works (where the Phenol Plant one stood). In fact Oil Works is where some people used to get "bath money" due to coming home smelling of fish from the amines plant - a cue for another verse perhaps?