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Posted By: Bill D
07-Aug-09 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: Eddystone Light & Parodies
Subject: DT Correction: The Asteroid Light
The Asteroid Light (from the DT and other places...corrected & punctuated a bit.)

(GCCG) C - - - / F G C - : / /

My father was the keeper of the asteroid light,
And he slept with a Martian one fine night.
From this union there came three.
Two were mutants and the other was me.

    G G / G C

    Yo ho ho, the jets run free
    Oh for the life at the speed of C

One night as we were sailing toward the moon,
Singing the well known spaceman's tune
A voice came echoing out of the void
And there sat my mother on her as-teroid.


"What has become of my children three?"
My mother then she asked of me
"One is on exhibit in a zoo on Venus
The other keeps a telepathic link between us."


Then the deuterons flashed in her hydrogen hair
And I looked again and my mother wasn't there
But she telepathed angrily out of the night
"To Hell with the keeper of the asteroid light!"