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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
11-Aug-09 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: Expecting Sidders folk to flood the Cat?
Subject: RE: Expecting Sidders folk to flood the Cat?
that's a problem to be solved

It's not a problem at all, WAV - it's just the way it is. What you think of as Our Own Good Culture (i.e. Revivalist Folk Music) is the reserve of an ever-dwindling number of hobbyists & enthusiasts whilst English Culture is alive and well in the hands of the English people, the majority of whom couldn't give a two hoots for Revival Folk Music. My kids hate it with a passion; and they're English through and through! Each to their own, WAV - enjoy it for what it is (much less what it isn't) but don't mistake it as being in anyway relevant to anyone outside of its precincts.