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01-Aug-00 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Subject: RE: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
I bin trine ta figger out thizzeer flamin stuff whut yall ar talkin bout an I doan git it. See roun heer, Paw izza best flamer in 3 ur 4 countees an he doan uze the puter senz he burnt up catspaws chair wen he flared one off whilst he wuzza watchin thet dancin Jezus thang. Catspaw liked ta kilt him over thet wun. But Mr. Gervase ur Mrs. Gervase ur whatever, ifn ya wunt I bet Paw wud be happy ta lite up a few in yer direckshun. Why when he lit up a biggun in downtown Columbus, he blu up 3 city blocks but it reely wuz cuz thair wuzza busted gas line, but it shur wuz a doozy ennywayz.