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Posted By: irishenglish
14-Aug-09 - 11:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Remember when the dog fighting stuff came out? How universally disgusted any reasonable thinking person reacted to the news? I remember lots of people in the sports talk radio world and ESPN (not that I listen or watch it much) reacting with equal disgust. I predicted however that when Vick was released, this was going to happen. Lots of calls from the same people who said "lifetime ban" for, he's done his time, let him play. Don't be surprised mid season, probably on Monday Night Football to see some fluff tearjerker interview with Vick proclaiming his mended ways. Its pretty much a given it will happen at some point. Its not that I don't believe in redemption, but I'm surprised that a team would actually pick him, and his baggage. We're used to drug offenses, dwi's and all that, but this was new. I actually had hoped that with his reinstatement would have come not a single offer from a team....that would have been refreshing. Just another day in the money driven sports industry.