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Posted By: Rapparee
14-Aug-09 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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I didn't know a Spanish mackerel had a beard and wore a cap.

My Associate Director and I went to the shooting range this morning, someplace we could discuss personnel stuff without being interrupted or having the whole place know about it as it was said. We shot some targets, and she asked how far a .22 long rifle bullet would travel if it didn't hit something first. I told her a mile or more, and then demonstrated by shooting a berm 650 yards away (just the dirt, no target), after shooting berms at successive distances out to it. This was with a .22 pistol, mind you, not a rifle.

She thought it would be a good safety lesson for everyone on the PAMMSC to see, so we'll do that when we next go out there.

After we finished we went to Our Favorite Gunstore and she bought herself a Ruger Mark III target pistol, 7 inch slab-sided bull barrel, blued, with a contoured and checkered walnut grip. Sam, the owner of OFG, made her shoot it before he sold it to her. She came out of the range and said, "I'm in love." Sam had made a sale, and she will return the pistol she's been using to her daughter.

Had physical therapy this afternoon. The less said about the pain the better, only the PT guy (Doctor Lash, he's called) said that I'm about a week ahead on my recovery.