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Posted By: Jim Dixon
16-Aug-09 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Give Me the Roses While I Live
Subject: Lyr Add: GIVE ME FLOWERS WHILE I'M LIVIN' (Dupree)
If the above versions are too sickly sweet for you, you might like this blues song.

As recorded by Champion Jack Dupree on “One Last Time” (1993) and on “A Portrait of Champion Jack Dupree” (2000)

Bring my flowers while I'm livin'. Bring my flowers so I can smell. (2x)
‘Cause if I don't go to heaven, you know I can't use no flowers down in hell.

When I’m dyin’, gi’ me a cool drink o’ water. A drink o’ water will keep me cool. (2x)
‘Cause when I’m dead an’ gone, you people will say: “I tried to help that fool.”

When the hearse go rollin’ by my door for the very last time, (2x)
You people will say: “There go a blues singer of the world that don't mind dyin’.”

When my woman walk aroun’ my casket, an’ she look down in my face,
When she walkin’ roun’ my casket an’ she look down in my face,
And then she start to wond’rin’ what man gonna take my place.

[I don’t remember where I got the following fragment; it wasn’t on the above recording.]

When I'm dyin', take the pillow from underneath my head. (2x)
...I don't need it when I'm dead.