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Posted By: SharonA
16-Aug-09 - 12:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
"Not only has he served his sentence..."

He did not serve the entire 23-month sentence -- a sentence which was determined by plea bargain (it would have been harsher if he had not changed his plea to guilty after his 3 partners changed their pleas to guilty and agreed to give evidence against him). It seems patently obvious that Vick was released after only 18 months of prison time so that he could play football this fall. The NFL should have done what the legal system (I won't call it the "justice" system) has not done: it should have said, "Not this year."

The NFL should have waited to see whether Vick would demonstrate true remorse for his actions by speaking out against dogfighting -- and changing his ways by showing up for such speaking engagements! -- and then they could have considered him for the 2010 season if he had proven that he would not be a distraction to a team and to its fans.

As things stand, he is not only a distraction but a lightning rod for emotions about the dogfighting issue and about Vick's presence on the Eagles team. There has been a clash between the team and the public ALREADY. HHere's an article about yesterday's team practice, where a different Eagles player tore the signs of protesters...

Protesters: Eagles Player Taunted Us

Philadelphia - The situation in Philadelphia between animal-rights protesters and the Eagles is getting uglier.

On Saturday [August 15], a small number of protesters stood outside the Philadelphia Eagles' training facility as players left practice.

One protester said a young Eagles' player openly mocked the group, a claim that an Eagles' rep quickly denied to Fox 29.

Most Eagles players left practice without speaking with protesters. It was the first practice in Philadelphia for convicted dog abuser Michael Vick.

But protesters say one Eagles player did speak with them and it wasn't a pleasant conversation.

They said the player tore down some of their signs.

"He started right in, calling us crazy, 'don't you guys have a job,' 'why are you guys out here," said one male protester.

"I said, 'Rookie, wrong way to start off here in Philadelphia," added the protester.

Eagles PR told Fox 29 they were "very positive" the man was not an Eagles' player, but protesters told Fox 29 they were "very positive" the man played for the Eagles.

The group also echoed complaints from the local SPCA that the Eagles and Vick have not reached out to local groups to explain how Vick will help prevent animal abuse in Philadelphia.

"Nobody has a plan, Is he going to give money to shelters or help fostering programs?" asked Patty Bentivegna, a protester.

Jennifer Utley, a local SPCA leader and the wife of Phillies star Chase Utley, told a local newspaper on Saturday that Vick and the Eagles still haven't reached out to her group.

"I think if you're planning on being conscious of a very sensitive issue it might be positive to (contact us)," Jen Utley told the Delaware County Times. "I don't work for the Eagles. I don't know what their (public relations) department does. I only know that reports said they called us. They didn't."

From FOX TV station in Philadelphia (Channel 29)

By the way, although The Humane Society supports Vick and thinks he will come through on his promises to speak at Society events, the SPCA protested outside the Eagles' press conference on Friday [August 14] when Vicks' signing was officially announced.